14 days of yoga. 30 minutes a day. All free. Take the guesswork out of practicing and try out this FLOW & STRETCH yoga challenge!

Hello yogis! Many of you have requested for a yoga challenge or calendar. Here’s a 14-day yoga program that I curated for you. It’s a total body program that’s suitable for intermediate and strong beginner yogis.

All these individual videos are already posted on my YouTube channel but I put them in one playlist in a specific order. Each class is 30 minutes so this is good for those who don’t have a lot of time.

We alternate between flowing vinyasa style classes and slower relaxing yoga stretch classes so you feel completely balanced. This way, it is not too taxing to do 14 days in a row. You don’t have to do the challenge everyday if you need some days off but the order of the videos matters (for example, a power flow for upper body class is followed by an upper body stretch class the next day).

Hope you try this one out. Let me know what you think!

Here’s the link to the playlist:

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