Intermediate Total Body Vinyasa Flow Yoga – 60 Minutes

This is a full 1 hour total body vinyasa flow yoga class for intermediate students. In this practice you will enhance your strength, flexibility, balance, and mental focus. There is a 5 minute Savasana at the end of class to help you relax. I recommend this for intermediate students who are familiar with common yoga poses because there is minimal instruction in most of the sequences. This gives you a chance to really tune in to the breath and pay attention to the sensations and subtle energy in the body. Enjoy this strong, dynamic, and mindful yoga practice.


Stunning! Thank you so much Maris. Lovely flow, wonderful speed and I love how your voice slowed down and relaxed as the practice wound down. Really grateful you uploaded this. Namaste” – Samantha Dench

“Thank you so much! I loved this! I basically did the entire practice with my eyes closed. Thank you for the peaceful mindset and wonderful directions!” –  Liz Woop

“Thank you Maris for sharing your beautiful practise. It was perfect. I really appreciated that you allowed time for internal connections without too many instructions and talking. Very beautiful…” – Mel Campbell