Intermediate Vinyasa Flow Yoga Class: Twists and Balance Poses – 60 Minutes

This is a strong Vinyasa Flow Yoga class appropriate for intermediate and strong beginner students. The yoga practice is 60 minutes – 55 minutes of postures and a 5 minute Savasana at the end. We work on some fun and challenging balance poses like Eagle Pose (Garudasana), Balancing Half Moon (Ardha Chandrasana) and our peak pose Revolved Balancing Half Moon.


“This is one of my favorite more challenging videos you have! How you are able to talk while doing these poses so effortlessly is just so incredible! My days are so much better after doing yoga with you…you are so kind and peaceful! Thank you!” – Alex Carter

“Maris this was my first yoga video from you, and it was amazing. The stability, the breadth, the time taken to move into and out of a pose, everything was so balanced. To add to it, your voice was absolutely soothing. I managed to did the complete class, although it kicked my ass, but felt phenomenal afterwards….” – 1984nimmi