Intermediate Vinyasa Flow Yoga: Total Body and Hip Opening – 60 Minutes

This is a 1 hour Total Body Vinyasa Flow Yoga Class for strength, flexibility, balance, and focus. I recommend this for intermediate students and strong beginners who are already familiar with most yoga postures and the vinyasa style. There are minimal instructions in some of the basic poses so you can bring your awareness to your breath and be more attuned to the subtle sensations and energy in the body.

We do a little bit of everything in this well-balanced yoga routine. There are standing poses, forward folds, backbends, side stretches, twists, balance poses, and floor poses. We peak with a hip opening sequence before we cool down. We end with a few minutes of Savasana and close the practice together. You will feel rejuvenated after this 60 minute yoga flow practice.


“fantastic yoga . really mindful and present and strong .. loved the energy and aura of the instructor too” – Trojan West

“…Thank you for the wonderful practice. This was a very relaxing practice that still managed to get my heart rate up and a nice sweat going. As always i thank you for your guidance through my yoga journey…” – Rob Tesar

“…Your class came as a wonderful surprise: it was so deep and masterfully sequenced and taught, a real treasure! Thank you also for the wonderful savasana it resulted in afterwards! Namaste!” – Tatiana AH 191

“Lovely balance of strengthening and restful poses. Your flow is very smooth and has left me feeling energized and relaxed…” – Hailey Shymko

“I thoroughly enjoyed this flow. It had hard work in the legs, plenty of hip-opening, and was very relaxing at the same time. Thanks for putting it together!” – Alan