Total Body Vinyasa Flow Yoga – 45 Minutes

This is a Total Body Vinyasa Flow Yoga class (under 45 minutes for the yoga practice plus 5 minutes for Savasana and closing). I recommend this for both intermediate and strong beginner students. There is a range of options for the poses so you can modify to suit your needs. We do a little bit of everything – forward folds, backbends, twists, side stretches, balance poses, hip openers, plus core and full body strengthening. In this yoga flow class, there is a great balance of energizing and heat building sequences with slow and calming poses and stretches.

If your knees are sensitive, use a blanket or towel to cushion the knees. If you have a yoga block, you may also use it in this class for Side Angle Pose and Triangle.


Just what I needed. Perfect amount of challenges for a strong beginner to work a little bit harder. Thank you so much. Namaste.” – Chelsea

“This was Wonderful Maris. I’ve practiced yoga with so many teachers online and you are by far my favorite. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and guidance!” – Jeri Allison