Wrist-Free Hands-Free Yoga Flow for Lower Body Strength – 40 Minutes

This is another WRIST FREE HANDS FREE YOGA FLOW practice. We avoid Downward Facing Dog Plank and Chaturanga. I recommend this video for strong beginners and intermediate students. This is a great practice when you have wrist pain, elbow pain, shoulder or hand injuries, tendinitis, and you’re unable to put weight on your arms.

This yoga flow class is 40 Minutes. We focus on poses that strengthen the legs and the feet. There are also backbends, forward folds, twists, balance poses, side stretches and hip openers. We cool down on the floor, stretch the body, and massage the feet! There is a 5-minute Savasana before we close the practice together.


“Your classes are wonderful! I use your videos everyday. I love that you have created flows that are both challenging AND gentle on the wrists. Your voice is also so soothing and your smile so genuine! Thanks SO much!!!” – MrCatherineadams

“thighs are burning!! love this one~ and the cool down part is so lovely. thanks for many wrist free classes, they are so helpful. you are my wrist rescuer! :)” – Liny

“loved this session. A lot of demand on the legs which was challenging but good and some great twisting stretches that feels great…” – Scott Edden