Wrist-Free Hands-Free Yoga Flow for Strength Flexibility and Balance – 60 Minutes

This is a SPECIAL Yoga Flow Class with NO DOWNWARD DOG, PLANK, and CHATURANGA! We still do a strong well-rounded yoga practice (backbends, forward folds, twists, balancing, side stretches, hip opening, core and upper body strengthening) and work the entire body to increase overall strength, flexibility, and balance. This practice is suitable for intermediate and beginner students. Some poses and sequences may be challenging but clear instructions are given and modifications are offered. If you have some shoulder or wrist pain, this would a great class for you to do. I guide you into setting up Savasana but I don’t close the class so the length of your Savasana is up to you!


“Thanks so much for this practice! I’ve been practicing yoga for years but have 2 big tears in my right rotator cuff and pain in the left. I can’t do vinyasa flow now, it causes pain throughout my upper body and neck from these injuries and makes them worse. I don’t want to stop my  yoga practice so thanks again for offering this. it gives me hope! :)” – Tulum Sooner

Thank you! The usual vinyasa sequence exacerbates my digestive disorder (basically, it makes me seasick) but I love the beautiful poses in flow. I am excited to learn a new way to do flow & tap into all its benefits for the mind and body again. I am a yin gal most of the time, but this was fantastic!” – Heather Torrence