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Field To Cup Tea Subscription Box Review


Who loves drinking tea? To be honest, I’m more of a coffee person but I do enjoy the occasional cup of tea. Dave introduced me to good quality loose leaf teas a few years ago and I loved it. That’s why I was excited to try out the Field to Cup Loose Leaf Teas. The company sent me one of their monthly subscription boxes to test and review.

In the video, I do an unboxing to show everything inside the box (8 tea packages plus some paper filters). All teas claim to have high quality ingredients with no tea dust or artificial flavors. The subscription also comes with a unique steeping guide that the company emails to you. Dave and I taste each and every tea and we also explain the proper way to steep the tea using the different types of infusers. We share our thoughts and just have fun trying all of it out. Also, baby Kieran makes a special appearance! 🙂


These are the different teas in my subscription box:

  1. GREEN TEA Banana Chocolate Walnut (57 g.) – A chocolatey blend of green tea leaves with pieces of banana and walnut
  2. WELLNESS TEA Stress Cure (10 g.) – A healing blend of tulsi with lemongrass and gotu kola
  3. GREEN TEA Organic Market Chai (10 g.) – An exotic blend of green tea leaves with pieces of cardamom and mint
  4. BLACK TEA Organic Peppermint Zing (10 g.) – A thrilling blend of black tea with peppermint and ginger
  5. ROOIBOS TEA Organic Forest Chai (10 g.) – A rich blend of rooibos with cacao nibs and pieces of ginger
  6. ROOIBOS TEA Organic Orange Creme (10 g.) – A smooth blend of rooibos with organic orange and licorice root
  7. BLACK TEA Simply Cinnamon (10 g.) – A simple blend of black tea with cinnamon pieces
  8. BLACK TEA Organic Irish Breakfast (10 g.) – A rich cup with hints of malt and chocolate


This was an interesting experience for us. There were definitely some special flavors that we’ve never tried before. I think the company is very creative with their blends. For tea enthusiasts out there, I recommend you check them out. The teas are different each month so you will enjoy trying something new each time. You can also return and replace the teas you don’t like and customize your box to suit your preferences.

Watch the 12-minute video to see the unboxing and to hear our thoughts on each tea. If you are interested in purchasing the subscription, there’s a link below. Also, the company was kind enough to give my yoga community a discount! Use the my discount code 25yogaupload to get 25% off your order.

Hope you enjoyed this one! Thanks!


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Note: This is NOT a sponsored video. I did not receive any payment for this review. The product was sent to me by the company. These are our honest opinions.