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Benefits of Yoga at the Workplace

Note: This is an article I wrote for Front Door Fitness this week. I teach yoga for the company and help out with marketing and social media management. If you work in a corporate setting and would like to integrate a wellness program in your office, this is a good post for you to read! This photo was taken at Barkley – an advertising agency in downtown Kansas City – where I teach a 45-minute lunchtime yoga class every week. 🙂


In January 2017, TIME magazine published “Yoga Is Officially Sweeping the Workplace,” an article on the growing popularity of office yoga. The article mentions how employees benefit from mindfulness-based activities like yoga and meditation.

I’ve been teaching yoga in corporate settings for a few years now and have seen firsthand how even a short, 45-minute yoga practice affects office workers in a positive way. Here are a few of the benefits I’ve witnessed among corporate employees who attend office yoga classes regularly.

Physical Benefits: Improved Posture and Flexibility

Most office workers spend long hours sitting and hunched over their desks. Moving and stretching the body mindfully in a well-designed yoga routine helps employees manage aches and pains caused by stress, physical tension, and bad posture. They learn proper spinal alignment and basic stretches to relieve stiffness and tightness caused by sitting all day. My students feel better and stand taller as they walk back to their cubicles after our session.

Mental and Emotional Benefits: Relaxation and Positive Mood

The corporate world can be extremely stressful to employees. They need a break from the demands of their work. Yoga, with its emphasis on slowing down and deep breathing, helps improve mood and reduce burnout. After our yoga practice, workers go back to their cubicle happier and more relaxed. Most of them have also expressed that yoga in the office is one of their favorite things about working for their company!

Workplace Benefits: Increased Focus and Productivity

Good employers know how to encourage excellence while keeping work satisfaction high. Yoga’s effects on workers’ focus and productivity are immediate! Right after class, my students emerge refreshed and they say they’re ready to face the rest of the day. They feel rejuvenated and more able to accomplish challenging tasks.

Front Door Fitness is proud to offer yoga and other group classes to various companies and organizations. We have seen with our own eyes the significant impact of workplace fitness and wellness. As a yoga teacher, providing yoga in the workplace and improving employees’ lives is truly fulfilling work for me.