Hip Opening Yoga Flow (Wrist-Free and Hands-Free) for All Levels – 45 Minutes

Here’s another wrist-free, hands-free, arms-free yoga flow class for hip flexibility. We flow through poses but avoid the typical “vinyasa” sequence; there is NO Downward Facing Dog, NO Plank, and NO Chaturanga. We focus on “hip openers” in this class and do a lot of strengthening and stretching of the lower body. Standing poses, balancing poses, backbends, forward folds, side bends, and twists are also included. We end with a 5-minute Savasana.


“I love the little variations you add to poses that allow me to get deeper into them 🙂 Thanks and namaste!” – Catherine Quinn

“Just wonderful. I have early onset arthritis and carpal tunnel so can’t do the traditional yoga poses and was bereft that may be the end of my yoga practise but you have saved me 🙂 I have tried your hands / wrist free hour session but this is my favourite so far. I feel like I have been stretched and feel incredibly grounded at the same time…” – Atifa Ismailmiya-Balding