Gentle Morning Yoga Flow – 20 Minutes

This is a 20 Minute Gentle Yoga Flow that’s perfect as a morning practice. It’s also pregnancy-friendly. We flow through simple poses, stretch mindfully, and reawaken the body. The class starts low to the ground in a seated pose and builds up to a standing sequence. We close the practice standing in mountain pose. Feel more alert, awake, and attentive after this morning routine. Also, enjoy the sounds of nature!


“LOVE this for the morning, great heart openers!  You have such a beautiful glow :)” – Menorcan Health and Mantras

“This is one of the best online practices I had. I am a beginner and I enjoy your thorough instructions and choice of poses. Thank you!” – Elena V

“Love this! This was just right…it wasn’t too slow and had just enough fire to wake me up…”  – zashraf89

“Good Morning! Thanks for this gentle yet energizing morning practice. You continue to inspire, Maris, as you continue to guide us through our practice with a baby in your tummy! How awesome! Keep that glow and stay healthy!” – Devi Paez