Energizing Power Vinyasa Flow Yoga: Standing Poses – 20 Minutes

Here’s a quick  and energizing Power Vinyasa Flow yoga class for intermediate and strong beginner students. This 20 minute yoga sequence will give you an energy boost and wake up the entire body. We flow through standing poses only (no seated and supine poses) and explore different chaturanga variations.


“I think this is the best 20min yoga class I’ve ever done – perfect! I feel so refreshed! Thank you very much :)” – Miriam C

“great yoga session. calming, energising and strong.” – RobbieRedway

“This routine had a great flow and it got me through his afternoon’s energy slump much better than the cup of coffee I almost had! Thanks for saving me and my 9 month old (I’m still nursing) from the extra caffeine!” – Fit Body by Julia

“Great practice, challenging but not impossible! Been doing beginner practices for such a long time, was nice to move on to something a little more challenging! Thanks! I feel much more awake this morning! So glad I found you!” – Watts Art