Intermediate Heart Opening Vinyasa Flow Yoga: Backbends – 60 Minutes

In this heart-opening yoga flow routine, we will focus on backbends, chest and shoulder openers, and fun balancing poses. Modifications are offered so you are free to work at the intensity level that feels right for you today. Make sure there is no sharp pain in the joints (especially the knees) when you get into the backbends like floor bow pose (dhanurasana), and standing bow pose variations, and lunges (anjaneyasana). If the knees are sensitive when you put weight on them, make sure you pad your knees with a blanket or towel for extra cushioning.


“An amazing, truly heart opening flow.  Your half bow variations prepared me nicely for full bow – the best full bow I’ve ever done! I snuck in camel before the floor stretches and it was amazing because my upper back was so open! Thank you again Maris!!”  – Vicky Cascio

“I am getting back into yoga after a long hiatus and I love this heart opening practice.  This is a very good class, at just the right speed so that one can really feel each pose.  It isn’t rushed, and you explain things very clearly in time as each posture is demonstrated.  Nice work!”  – Dante Colorado

“…I have never thought that I can bend so deeply and open myself so much….unbelievable experience. After the class I even forgot how bad my day was..” – manka mankowska