Intermediate Vinyasa Flow Yoga: Bird of Paradise – 75 Minutes

Challenge your strength, flexibility, balance, and mental focus in this strong and slow Vinyasa Flow Yoga class. We work the entire body and work towards a peak pose – Bird of Paradise (Svarga Dvidasana). To prepare for this beautiful posture – we explore shoulder movements, arm binds, hip opening, and balance poses. There are also sequences for core and upper body strength. We cool down with some forward folds and twists. The practice is about 70 minutes and ends with 5 minutes of Savasana and closing. I recommend having a yoga strap ready (any belt or small towel will do too) in case you need it. There are options and modifications offered so you can work at the pace and intensity that feels right for you today. Try it out, have fun with it, and let me know what you think! 🙂


“I really enjoyed the pace of this class and even though it’s says slow I was really sweaty at the end of the class. So happy about he birds of paradise pose and thank you for showing us that a pose doesn’t need to be perfect and it’s alright if one side is weaker than the other. We are all a work in progress. I appreciate that message. Thank you once again and namaste.” – Jesslei Segovia

“Thank you, Maris, your instructions are so great! Thanks to you I feel like I am slowly transitioning from a wobbly Chicken of Paradise to Bird of Paradise ;). But seriously, the session really helped me to clear my mind a find some peace after a very demanding week at work. The length is a perfect weekend Yoga treat. Thank you so much” – bee

“I’m a beginner yogi, but am an active gym go-er, so I do have the strength to complete some of these more challenging poses. A wonderful mix of simple and challenging positions, with ways of modifying any of them for your own needs. Thank you for a wonderful video for me to use in order grow in my new relationship with yoga. Thank you, thank you, thank you!” – Cailey Hay

“Thank you Maris for the awesome video! I have come back to this video multiple times; each and every time it’s challenging yet fun in a different way. I love it!” – Quynh Le