Strong Power Vinyasa Flow Yoga – 30 minutes

Here’s a strong and sweaty Power Vinyasa Flow Yoga class for intermediate and advanced students.  We build strength and challenge our balance in this dynamic yoga flow sequence. This is a standing poses only yoga flow – we start and end in Mountain Pose. If you would like to cool down or stretch with a gentle yoga or a seated practice, follow this video with any of my Yin, Restorative, or Gentle Yoga classes.


“I appreciated the creative flow of poses. One of my favorite things in yoga is the different effects of combining poses in unique sequences. In other words, I’m not a fan of sun salutations, but I’m in heaven if you give me poses in a string I haven’t done before.” – C Nik

“Hi Maris, many thanks for this. Whoa I did feel challenged here but it was good to step out of my comfort zone, especially with those strong balancing poses:-). Your classes always have such great variety.” – Mickella Lewis-Purvis

“Wonderful class to challenge my balance…love your style!” – cinnamon girl

“It was a challenging practice, I was sweating a lot, but loved every minute of it!” – Marta K