Strong Power Vinyasa Flow Yoga (Firefly Pose) – 60 Minutes

This yoga class is a strong Power Vinyasa Flow yoga practice that will enhance your strength, flexibility, and balance. We work and stretch the entire body leading to our peak pose – arm balance “Firefly Pose” or “Tittibhasana.” Options and modifications are offered for some of the postures so you can choose the intensity level that you prefer.

We start with centering on the breath in child’s pose and do our floor warm-up. There are alternatives offered for the “vinyasa sequence” such as one-legged chaturanga, double pushups, knee-down plank with cobra, and combinations of these. After exploring our peak pose, we cool down with seated poses, twists, and stretches. There are approximately 5 minutes of Savasana and then we close the practice together.


Just did this and I really loved it! It was just the right amount of challenge and left me feeling amazing afterwards! I think this will end up among my favorites of your videos! Thank you so much for sharing it!” – aWildflowerLife

“Many thanks for this session. I loved the power of the sequences with the gracefulness of the slow pace and guidance. I feel grateful for having done it!” – Paula Aida Guzzanti Ferrer

“I enjoyed this sequence a lot! Thanks for the inhale and exhale instructions for the vinyasa flow in the beginning of the video. Some of the moves were new to me and thus really fun; like the fists of fire, it cracked me up and felt good ;)” – shafagh kamkar