Total Body Vinyasa Flow Yoga: Headstand – 60 Minutes

This is a 1 Hour Total Body Vinyasa Flow Yoga Class for Intermediate and Advanced yoga students. There is minimal instruction in the common yoga postures so one must be familiar with most poses and the vinyasa style. In this 60-minute practice, we enhance our strength, flexibility, balance, and mental focus.  We do a little bit of everything here – backbends, forward folds, side stretches, twists, balance poses, hip openers, full body and core strengthening and inversions! There is Savasana for a few minutes then we close the practice together. Note: If inversions are new to you, please watch my tutorial on Headstand Pose – in the Tutorials Section


“Maris! I just did Sirsasana pose for the first time and it was in your class! Feeling truly encouraged! Thank you for your gift! Namaste!” – Maria Quintanilla

“Wow, thank you! That was truly wonderful, exactly what I just needed. I love your voice, it is very soothing and calm. The sequences are very clear and you give precise descriptions – I didn’t need to look to the screen :o) Thank you so much!!! I’ll definitely keep coming back to your channel! Thank you for sharing your practice online :o) Namaste” – Faye LaHuppe

“What an awesome practice! very detailed and constructive, namaste!” – Khardellen

“Loved this class! Excellent variety, and perfect pace!! Thank you so much!” – Kristi Sandlin