Total Body Vinyasa Flow Yoga: Toe Stand – 45 Minutes

We work the entire body in this class and improve strength, flexibility, and balance. The upper body (core and arms) is strengthened by mindfully moving through variations on the vinyasa sequence. The lower body (especially the feet!) works a lot too in lunges, splits, warriors, balance poses, and more. Have fun with the unique and interesting poses and sequences in this class, especially our peak poses (Toe Stand and variations). We end with a simple cool down of floor poses and stretches before Savasana.


“This was very fun and different yoga. I was looking for a change and got it.  Thank You!” – Amanda Marquez

“…It is a very powerful practice, I had never done these heel exercises before.  The balancing on the heels with the leg up in front of me was tough, but like you say with practice I will improve my balance.  I was thinking how lucky I am to have found your channel…” – Paul Carrillo

“My calves and toes loved the heel lifts!” – Vicky Cascio

“Thank you for this energetic and challenging session. It was nice to be on the toes so much.” – Matt West