How to Do Chaturanga (Low Plank) – Yoga Pose Tutorial (Vinyasa Essentials Part 3)

This is PART 3 of the VINYASA ESSENTIALS Tutorial Series. We break down all the components of the Vinyasa Sequence to make sure our practice is safe and sustainable. Learn how to do a safe and proper Chaturanga Dandasana or Low Plank. In this yoga pose tutorial, we build on the knowledge we gained from the videos on Downward Facing Dog and Plank. Discover how to minimize injury, keep the shoulders safe, and become stronger in your vinyasa practice.


wow thank you so much,  I been having a bit of shoulder pain.. really hit home when you said let the ego go lol I’m going to do with my knees down I’m not strong enough at the moment. thank you” – Iola Von Vegan

“Great tutorial Maris !!! 😀 I can really see this helping a lot of people” – Elation Fitness