How to Do Downward Facing Dog – Yoga Pose Tutorial (Vinyasa Essentials Part 1)

This Part 1 of our VINYASA ESSENTIALS TUTORIAL SERIES! We break down all the components of the Vinyasa Sequence to make sure our practice is safe and sustainable. Learn how to do Downward Facing Dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana) properly. This is a Yoga Pose Tutorial for both beginners and intermediate students. The first section is about the basic shape of the pose and common struggles for beginners. In the second section, we learn refinements, some joint actions, and several ways to improve Downward Dog for intermediate yoga practitioners. Apply these techniques to feel better and stay safe in this common (yet complex) yoga pose. 🙂


“Hi Maris! I feel like my down dog is starting to improve little by little, thanks for your great tips, you are always so thourough! Best wishes to you!” – Anna Schwelle

“Love this tutorial on such an important pose – thank you Maris, wonderfully explained” – Gordon Teasdale