How to Do Plank – Yoga Pose Tutorial (Vinyasa Essentials Part 2)

This is Part 2 of our VINYASA ESSENTIALS TUTORIAL SERIES! We break down all the components of the Vinyasa Sequence to make sure our practice is safe and sustainable. We learn proper alignment in plank and helpful tips to make your pose stronger. How do engage the whole body so we don’t dump all out weight on our arms, wrists, and hands? How do we transition from plank to downward facing dog? This video tutorial addresses these questions and also has a bonus section on how to do Plank Waves!


“This series has been so helpful. Plank waves are amazing at working the whole body! TFS.” – mrsfruity76

“Great tutorial on the plank as well as the refinements to get the most out of the pose – thanks Maris :)” – Gordon Teasdale

“thank you for posting these tutorials, they are very helpful. I like doing the wave it really gets me to engage my core.  Going to try low plank next! :)” – Blanche P