30 Minute Wrist-Free Hands-Free Yoga Flow for Beginners and Intermediate

Here is another yoga flow practice WITHOUT Downward Facing Dog, Plank, and Chaturanga. This hands free and wrist free yoga flow class will give your shoulders, elbows, and wrists a break while still connecting breath with movement. Both beginners and intermediate yoga students will benefit from this 30 minute yoga flow, followed by a few minutes of Savasana and closing.

If you have sensitive knees, make sure you have a blanket or towel to use as padding. You can use this to cushion your knees when we are on all fours or doing low lunges with one knee down.

There are options and modifications provided for some of the poses and sequences so you can work at the pace and intensity that is right for you. Always remember: do what you can, rest when you need tom, and ENJOY your practice! 😉


“Maris this is Awesome.  I had rotator cuff repair surgery last August and leading up to it and for months after my shoulder has been in horrible pain. Long story short, I overdid in my zealousness to return to my practice.  I found your videos and I am in heaven!  Thank you so much for doing these videos.  Like the other commenter, I did break a sweat (and my room isn’t hot :-))  This fantastic.” – Carrie Ross

“I’ve been really ramping up my practicing because I am going to a yoga retreat next month. Long story, short: I had an incident last night in which I needed to get three stitches in my hand, so finding hands free yoga classes ranging from 30 – 45 minutes has saved my practice! Thank you!” – Johnna Miller