Full 1 Hour Wrist Free Hands Free Yoga Flow Class – Strength Flexibility Balance

This is a SPECIAL Yoga Flow Class with NO DOWNWARD DOG, PLANK, and CHATURANGA! We still do a strong well-rounded yoga practice (backbends, forward folds, twists, balancing, side stretches, hip opening, core and upper body strengthening) and work the entire body to increase overall strength, flexibility, and balance. Vinyasa is also about connecting breath and movement and we still flow with the breath in this yoga class.

This practice is suitable for intermediate and beginner students. Some poses and sequences may be challenging but clear instructions are given and modifications are offered.

Keep an open mind and try this one out. It’s nice to take a break sometimes from Downward Facing Dog and the “vinyasa” sequence. Also, if you have some shoulder or wrist pain, this would a great class for you to do.

It runs a little over an hour (62 minutes or so for the actual class) so set this aside for days when you have more than an hour to devote to yoga practice (I guide you into setting up Savasana but I don’t close the class so the length of your Savasana is up to you!).


“Thank you Marlis. I am dealing with a big shoulder injury, and your video was an incredible light in my tunnel. The 1 hour length was a big treat, and your poise and timing is lovely. The flow was great. Breath of fire was a beautiful sequence. Thank you for allowing me to practice at home while I heal. : )” – Mindy Mortlock

“Amazing practice, thank you! I still struggle with down dog and always end up dumping too much weight into the wrists – I will surely keep practising it with you (and your vinyasa essentials videos!), but it is still nice to catch a break and do a practise without it 😀 Thank you for sharing your practise with us!” – Anna Schwelle

“Thanks so much for this practice! I’ve been practicing yoga for years but have 2 big tears in my right rotator cuff and pain in the left. i can’t do vinyasa flow now, it causes pain throughout my upper body and neck from these injuries and makes them worse. I don’t want to stop my yoga practice so thanks again for offering this. it gives me hope! :)” – Tulum Sooner