Wrist-Free Hands-Free Yoga Flow: Backbends – 45 Minutes

This yoga flow class is appropriate for both beginner and intermediate students. There are NO Downward Dogs, Planks, and Chaturangas in this practice but we still do a total body workout. We focus on backbends in this class and work towards a peak pose – Bow Pose (Dhanurasana). The practice is less than 45 minutes and there is a 5-minute Savasana at the end. This is a fantastic video to do to strengthen the back muscles and stretch the front of the body (chest, shoulders, core, hip flexors, quads, etc.) to counter our usual posture of hunching forward in daily life.

If you have sensitive knees, please have something to pad them with (towel, blanket, or knee pads) when we are kneeling in lunges. Always be mindful of the knees and make sure there is no pain in any of the poses.


“I have just recently began to practice yoga as a physical therapy method to relieve lower back pain induced by my younger years of college athletics. This was a great low impact workout that seemed to give me the feeling of decompression in my spine. I can’t wait for more videos like this!!! Thanks Maris” – Doug Mccoy

“Thanks to this series of wrist-free flows I can continue yoga even with an overworked wrist. This has been such a gift, and a way to keep my intent for daily practice, even while healing. It proves that there is yoga in all variations of what your body can handle, also while injured. Namaste!”  – Jessica Wawoe