Wrist Free Hands Free Yoga Flow Class for All Levels – 50 Minutes

This is a beginner-friendly yoga flow practice without Downward Facing Dog, Plank, and Chaturanga. We flow through a standing sequence and practice seated and floor postures for approximately 45 minutes. There is a 5-minute Savasana at the end before we close the practice together. Optional props: 2 yoga blocks.



“Your wrist free yoga videos have been my savior these past few months. I’ve been nursing an elbow and wrist injury and was shying away from yoga. However, these wrist free uploads have allowed me to continue my practice safely! Thank you so much for these videos!” – Sheana Tobey

“Thank you for the practice this morning. It was a good balance of strength, stretch and balancing poses while I heal from a broken wrist and the ending relaxation was truly cathartic!” – ejbinder

“Great sequence! I recently finished my 200hr RYT and developed severe tendinitis that has not improved despite rest, steroids, hand therapy so wristless practice is all i do right now! Your sessions have been extremely helpful for me. Thank you!!” – Jamie Palaganas