Gentle Yoga Flow for Stress Relief and Deep Relaxation – 30 Minutes

This class is a slow and gentle yoga flow for stress relief and deep relaxation appropriate for all levels. In this 30-minute calming yoga practice, we focus more on lingering in the stretches, feeling good in the poses, and enjoying the breath and the movements. Take this time for yourself to move and stretch your entire body. Be fully present as you observe your breathing, watch your thoughts, and notice the sensations that surface. After this yoga class, you will feel relaxed and rejuvenated. This is a short practice so only 1 minute of Savasana music is included at the end. Of course, you may stay as long you like.


“Awesome, just did this for lunchtime yoga with coworkers at the office. Great mix of moves for relaxation. Thanks!” – Allison Perry

“This was great.  I was really sore today and this was the perfect intensity to work out but not overwork myself.” – Timothy Porter