Gentle Yoga: Seated Poses, Stretches, and Meditation – 20 Minutes

This is a 20-minute gentle yoga class appropriate for all levels – beginners, intermediate, and advanced. We do all seated poses and stretches then end with a few minutes of guided and silent meditation. You may do the practice without any props or use a yoga strap (belt or towel if strap is not available). This yoga class is also pregnancy-friendly and can be done during all trimesters.


“Thanks a lot for this beautiful and peaceful flow. In these days I’m dealing with a little strain in my upper back, but I didn’t want to give up on doing my daily yoga practice, so this class was perfect. I really tried to focus on every posture without forcing any movement and now I feel much better and very relaxed :)” – Laura Bonini

“I haven’t seen more beautiful pregnant woman as you in a long time. 🙂 This morning I just practiced yoga from your older video. Thank you so much for making my day! Kisses from Croatia. :-*” – Eva Sestic