Restorative Yoga: Short Gentle Practice for Busy Days – 20 Minutes

This is a 20 minute restorative yoga practice for deep relaxation and stress relief. We will do 4 gentle and supported poses to help calm the mind and body. This is a good yoga video to practice after a long day. Please watch the full intro for the props you will be needing and the poses in the class.


“Loved this practice!! I didn’t want to move from any of them!” – Andrew Jovanovic

“I’m so thankful for this video. My life has been so hectic, stressful and it’s starting to make me feel depressed. I never have time to just sit. I’ve finally decided to find myself 20 minutes, a few days a week, to get back to doing yoga and dance, and it’s helped tremendously. This video especially I like to do on Sunday, to help relieve the stress from the week and to help calm me for the new week to come. When I’m finished with this video, I feel so peaceful. I love it. Thank you Maris, for sharing your beautiful practice with me.” – Stella Dallas