Yoga for Chest and Shoulders – 40 Minutes

mprove your posture with this 40-minute easy and gentle yoga flow class for chest and shoulders. This is a great yoga practice if you spend a lot of time “hunched over” – driving, sitting in front of a computer, carrying a baby, etc. In this flow class, we stretch the front of the body and improve shoulder mobility and flexibility. We work the lower body too with lunges and balancing poses but we focus more on stretching and releasing tension in the upper body.


“This was so wonderful for my shoulders and my mind. I’ve been doing a video of yours every day for about 20 days now and it’s the most I have ever enjoyed yoga, thank you so much for your videos. Be well” – fozzy8866

“My favorite upload yet! I have a bum shoulder and this really helped with my posture. Thank you!” – Kate Hanes

“I’m a swimmer and this was great.  Plan to do it at least once a week for the rest of the season” – DopamineDripz