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Here are testimonials, Facebook reviews, and YouTube comments about Yoga Upload:

I’ve absolutely loved using her videos. Her instruction is fantastic. Warm and helpful, yet efficient and to the point. The videos are just wonderful. Thank you Maris, for bringing the yoga studio into my home! – Jennifer Peelen

I had a tiny bit of experience with yoga in a classroom setting a few years back. I resumed my practice and Maris’ videos have been perfect for me. She is very thorough in beginning classes, so it’s possible that her videos could be a starting point for those with no experience. She has a huge variety of classes, class lengths, and class focuses. I have been coming back everyday for 3 weeks straight! I’ve even begun to see some of my problem areas loosen! – Tim Porter

Hi Maris, I would just like to thank you for being you! 🙂 You are pretty much the only online instructor that I can follow on a regular basis. You are fantastic. I hope everything is going well for you, and your family (baby to come 🙂 ). You are so beautiful inside and out. Namaste  – Iasauvage R

You are my favorite youtube yoga teacher.  When I have that fight with myself (e.g., “you have to do yoga,” “Ugh, no, I’m too tired”)  I think “Maris will walk me thru it, I can do this– and I will feel awesome afterwards.”  I love you!  Thank you! – Zentropy8

Your videos help me stay focused in this (sometimes) mad world.  Love your positivity. Stay that way, it is priceless! – Alexandra Schaack

Hey maris, thank you so much for your lessons. You completely turned my life around. your videos are so easy to follow. – Karthika Murugan

There were so many yoga channels on YouTube that I just picked one for ‘beginners’ and that was 45 minutes long.  I could not have chosen more correctly.  It had been years since I did yoga last, and I was rusty.  Your videos are encouraging, dynamic, and correctly paced for the kinda yoga I want to do.  That last part means that it is calm an meditative but intense with held poses and boundary exploration. The way that you have your videos arranged into themed playlists makes selecting a video very easy.  I haven’t look at many other yoga channels, but I can’t imagine them being any better… This channel as reignited my passion for yoga. – Timothy Porter

I can’t say (or write) it often enough, but you are an amazing teacher. Since I discoverd your channel I am on at least once a week, usually more. Im really greatful for your lessons….Thank you for your splendid work! – MoonElan

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Honestly, I just love this channel! No matter how far I go with my yoga practice, I’m always coming back here. With many other online teachers I feel like I’m not even really in the pose and they already move on. I never had this feeling with any of your videos… thank you, Maris, your videos are really amazing… – MoonElan

Last time i took gym classes was 15 years ago and it only lasted for a month. Since then i didnt do any sports or exercises, except for taking care of my 3 kids. And here i am, practicing yoga with you every damn day for the past 6 months and the commitment is going stronger. On my cheat day i usually do 15min sun salutation or seated pose videos 🙂 Your amazing videos keep me coming back to the mat and your clear instructions have guided me through. Who would’ve thought i could do or even love yoga… So thank you, Maris, you’re a real treasure. Namaste – Angie A.

Hi Maris, I’ve followed and subscribed your channel for a while. Every week I’m always looking forward to your yoga new session. Thank you so much for sharing with us the practice. It has helped me a great deal in keeping fit, staying healthy and most importantly, staying positive throughout the day. I just want to let you know that you and your yoga are so awesome. You’re a rock star! Thanks a lot! – Trang (a fan from Vietnam) – Trang Dang

Love the pace of your classes. And your voice and excellent cuing. Thank you. – Polly H

… Your class came as a wonderful surprise: it was so deep and masterfully sequenced and taught, a real treasure! Thank you also for the wonderful savasana it resulted in afterwards! Namaste! – Tatiana AH191

Good content always deserves feedback. I have enjoyed a few of your videos now. I find your practices to be very well put together with excellent communication and a overall wonderful flow. I am ever so grateful for your effort! – Rob Tesar

I’ve been practicing yoga for 8 years. Never found a Yoga teacher like u before. REALLY love your active but mindful style, many teachers undervalue the focusing part. Thank you so much! Namaste. – Laura Font

I really enjoy your classes, thank you. We have quite a similar teaching style and it’s nice to be lead sometimes rather than having to come up with sequences. Namaste from Ireland – Jacqueline Toner

I have to say Maris, I have been practicing yoga for about 2.5 years now and never, have I ever been this strong!!! I seriously am so grateful you have made a yoga channel and grace us with your videos for free!! Through using your videos daily, I have turned my strong intermediate skills to advanced! Thank you so much and looking forward to the future of your channel! – Kristin Herrschaft

My favourite YouTube teacher,  without doubt. Can’t wait for my daily fix. Thank you x – Sara Shrager

I am getting back into yoga after a long hiatus and I love this heart opening practice.  This is a very good class, at just the right speed so that one can really feel each pose.  It isn’t rushed, and you explain things very clearly in time as each posture is demonstrated.  Nice work!  – Dante Colorado

…The instructions throughout the practise make it 100 times more effective.What a lovely teacher you are Maris. Must not forget to mention those positive vibes shining out of you ,which makes it even more enjoyable:-) God bless you – Jana Sofrankova

I adore your practices!! Thank you!! – Julia McLellan

I am just discovering Yoga Upload! Thank you so much for such great slow, yet strong flows. I appreciate that your classes keep the internal focus that supports building the strength and concentration and body-mind-spirit integration that yoga is about  (not showmanship). I am also grateful you have a series for intermediate students without too much talking or instruction on stuff we already know. I look forward to checking out more of your videos! – Naraya Stein

What a wonderful flow you have! I love everything about your classes, from the pace to your words. I find myself keep coming back to your channel because your vibe is just right. Thank you. – Christina Orozco

You are my favorite youtube yogi by far. Your flows are vigorous but also relaxing enough to quiet the mind along with well chosen music… – Ti Po

Great Class! Great flow and instruction.  I feel like I’m practicing at a studio 🙂   You have a dedicated student!  Namaste – Kat Herrera

Wow, thank you…I love your voice, it is very soothing and calm. The sequences are very clear and you give precise description – I didn’t need to look to the screen :o) Thank you for sharing your practice online :o) Namaste – Faye LaHuppe

Your pace is spot on and I never get confused when you instruct 🙂 I just recently found your page. I have tried out a bunch of your classes and they are all great! 🙂 Thank you for you! – Emma Persson

Thank you very very much for all of your videos Yoga Upload. You are so amazing, I really enjoy all of your videos. – Katey O’toole

I’ve been using your videos for a few months now and I love them! Right amount of intensity and without too much instruction. Great music choice for the cool down. I like having options of 30, 45 and 60 minute videos. Thank you and I look forward to the using the new videos! – Victoria Marie

Aloha Maris and a big Mahalo to you for your amazing videos!!  I love your no nonsense style and the level of challenge that you give.   I stumbled upon your channel recently after doing other yoga videos for well over a year now and found myself with a shoulder injury.   I’ve been nursing my right shoulder for a few months and one day typed in vinyasa yoga without using hands and there you were!!!  My shoulder feels good after practice and I look forward to doing more of your videos.   I really appreciated / needed the reminders throughout this video to set an intention and to come back to it.  When you said it the last time, it made me emotional.  This affirms to me that I am right where I need to be and doing what I need to be doing.   You are helping with this and I am so grateful for you blessing us all with your videos!!  Namaste. – Marla Shidler

Love love 💙 your classes! Perfect pace and challenging. So happy to have found this channel. – Stacy Wood

I love your videos. When I started doing yoga a little over a year ago, I couldn’t get through a 20 minute flow. I love the pace you set and your voice is so calm and soothing. Thank you for posting these classes. You’re helping me transform! – Cecile Floyd

…I love how your classes are challenging, but you go nice and slowly. I don’t like doing a ton of poses all rushed, so your videos are perfect for me. – Anna Turajski

Excellent pace, polished delivery, learning a lot from your style as I wish to teach yoga some day myself. – Eoin Kelly

…I was really pleased to “accidentally” click your class.  i love the way you teach- your flow.  I felt peaceful, present and like i was effortlessly accomplishing something good. – Jessica Goldthorpe Manning

I’m a new fan.  Your classes are challenging, fun and gently improving my flexibility.  Thanks! – Adam Dressler

I’ve just discovered you! I practiced for three years then stopped because life got in the way….I”m wanting to restart my practice and find your videos to be challenging but not impossible. I’m a fan  🙂  thank you! – akay

Thank you for sharing your classes with us! it really motivated me to come back to yoga after a long break… I love your channel because there is so much to choose from; depending on the time I have and the kind of practice I am looking for, I always find the right one for the moment. Thanks again! – Isabelle Ouellette

This is the best online yoga out there. Thank you so much for sharing your practice. Namaste – Alethea Vespa

Thank you so much! …you have such a calming flow about you that it makes you really good at what you do. Namaste✨🙏✨ – – Khardellen

Hi Maris! I just wanted to let you know that this is by far the best yoga flow I found on youtube. It’s THE PERFECT combination of flexibility, balance and strength. I felt amazing afterwards and I wouldn’t change one thing about it. I just discovered your channel and I’m looking forward to practicing with your other videos. – Crash Site

Hey Maris just wanted to let you know that I love every one of your lessons. You are a really amazing and inspiring teacher.Thank you for sharing your loving practice with us!! – Zafhadas

Hi Maris, hope you are well. Thanks for another great class. Love also that you provide the demos with props for those of us who need a little help with some of the poses. 😊 Really appreciate all the hard work & dedication you put into YogaUpload. – Mickella Lewis-Purvis

Your classes are wonderful! I use your videos everyday. I love that you have created flows that are both challenging AND gentle on the wrists. Your voice is also so soothing and your smile so genuine! Thanks SO much!!!

I think I’ve tried every yoga instructor on youtube, but your yoga classes are my favorite right now. I very much enjoy your style & voice. It is work, but still enjoyable….Thank you! – Victory Leaders’ Club

Love your practices! The best yoga channel -all structured, easy to find what you need, excellent clear explanations and guidance. Thank you so much! – Lidia Makarova

Just stumbled upon your channel this morning, looking for something new. I have been working with videos from Tamal Dodge, Rodney Yee and Yoga with Adrienne… Your approach provides an easy to follow, straightforward, comprehensive flow, and I really love the pose variations. I have never been offered these before. Keeps it fresh and interesting…Subscribed! – Melanie daPonte

love your kind and clear teaching. and i can feel that i myself enjoy how yoga flows in my body more and more by every time following your classes! and the smiles and the sweet cues 🙂 – Liny

…Thank you so much for sharing your talent and expertise with the community! Your style, instruction and cues have worked very well for me. I’ve enjoyed great physical and mental benefits from your channel. Thank you! – R Jones

I am so glad i found you!  I love your soothing voice, the pace, and the clear directions through each pose.  I also really appreciate you staying and giving us the 5 minutes for shavasana!! Thank you! – big mama

You’re amazing! I recently found you in my Yoga search and your now the only one I follow when i wanna do my home yoga practice! – Angela Clark

Hi Maris, the 20 to 30-minute videos have been great! They have been very effective and efficient to get the body going in the morning and to relax in the evening. Perfect for busy parents! Again, thank you for sharing your time, talent and expertise with this community. Namaste. 🙂 – R Jones

After a stressful week and interrupted practice, your class was the medicine I needed to return to me.   I love the variations and pauses to feel deep stretches and relax into the poses.  Beautiful tone of voice and commands.   Thank you! – Melanie Moore

I firmly believe that you are the best yoga instructor on Youtube! You have the most soothing voice and such sincere heartfelt practices! – Leah Richardson

I enjoy every video you post here! The long ones, the short ones. Sometimes I only have a limited amount of time in the mornings, but I do one of your videos every morning and sometimes in the evening before bed. I’ve been at this about 3 months so far and your videos challenge and teach. I feel like I’ve made a lot of progress in a short time. Thanks for being available! – MrsVickyJane

you are my favorite teacher online – marina elisa

I have to say Maris, I have been practicing yoga for about 2.5 years now and never, have I ever been this strong!!! I seriously am so grateful you have made a yoga channel and grace us with your videos for free!! Through using your videos daily, I have turned my strong intermediate skills to advanced! Thank you so much and looking forward to the future of your channel! – Kristin Herrschaft

I’ve tried all your classes and I’m telling you, you’re incredible. Thank you for sharing your channel. I love you and your yoga style. You are different from the other teachers, you have great passion…. greetings from Spain – ANDRE LG

Thank you!! You are my favourite yoga teacher on Youtube. Grateful I came across you! I look forward to my practice and feel amazing after each one. Your pace, flow, instruction, intensity- all works very well with me. Thank you again! – Christina E

Your videos are my absolute favorite. They represent the perfect balance of yin and yang. Thank you so much for giving us access to your classes and your beautiful spirit. – ZALI2012

You are exactly what the yoga world needs right now.  Gentle, relaxed, flowy….I loved it and thank you so much!!! – Paula Johnson

Thank you so much…The pace was great and your instruction is simple and clear, leaving room for personal exploration in each pose. – ChooseYoga

I just wanted to thank you for your videos. You provide so much useful information about Yoga which helped me to know where to start. You have also allowed me to bring Yoga into my home  so that I can practice whenever I need to. You are very sincere and calming as well. I am very grateful. Best wishes form the UK, Gina :)) – Gina Bowyer

Excellent class again, best yoga teacher on youtube in my opinon. I thought it was excellent the way you asked us to find our own rhythm and flow, noted that in my teaching journal, makes the practice….Cant stress enough how positive and beneficial I find your classes for learning to be a teacher. You are a born teacher. – Eoin Kelly

I’ve been doing your vinyasa classes one by one and I wanted to tell you how much I like the wave into plank. It is a smoother way to flow into a plank for me and seems to set me up to hold a stronger plank. I am grateful. Namaste. 😊 – Marion Stolmeier

I am subscribed to a lot of yoga channels but keep coming back to yours each day. Your style is perfect for me and I truly enjoy all of your videos. Thank you for taking time to make these free videos for people like me. You rock! – Janelle Valentino

I love your practices!! They bring me into balance and harmony 🙂 Effort & Ease resonates with me. Thank you for sharing 🙂 – Cindy Aho

I have been doing yoga for several years and was recently diagnosed with RA…I am educating myself to take a holistic approach & found your videos on the way….thank you for posting the WRIST free practices…my wrist mobility has been my only challenge at this point…and these videos have helped me tremendously….thank you thank you! – Kelli Dolan

Hi I have been doing yoga for many years, and I like to try at home with differents class and one day I find yoga upload and I really fell in love.
All classes are so nice, so good and have many poses.
The teacher is very professional and the classes are great, for all levels.
Now I cant live without that classess jajjajajaj.
thanks marys I love your classes and congratulations for your new webside, I love it,
kiss from SPAIN. – Andrea

YouTube comments on my Wrist-Free/Hands-Free Videos (Yoga Flow classes without Downward Dog, Plank, and Chaturanga)

Thank you so much for this practice! I can’t put into words for difficult it is to find a well rounded lesson with balance and strenth poses with a moderate pace. Plus I wish there were more videos without downward dogs and planks etc, due to overstressed shoulders and rhombhoids and very problematic wrists it causes me much discomfort to practice those poses. It’s really a blessing to find a quality video without them. – Alex Willens

I am deeply appreciative of the hands-free yoga flows that you provide. As a person who is young, active and seeking to push myself physically while simultaneously dealing with fairly debilitating shoulder inflammation, they are exactly what I need. Thank you! – Justine Parker

These wrist free hands free videos are A-MA-ZING! They have come in handy for me considering I’ve had wrist issues and lower ab surgery last year. These videos show me that I can work around certain parts of my body and STILL PRACTICE yoga! – Nedra Hines

This playlist is a life saver for me! I find even though i know how to modify to go easy on my wrists and shoulders, i find i don’t get the same joy from my flows because I just feel i’m missing out and often feel disappointed and depressed afterward. This has led me to avoid working out. I did not feel this way after this flow! Thanks so much! – Rita Phoenix

This practice is fantastic! Dealing with a shoulder injury and missing my yoga, I found this just in time to prevent myself going crazy…Loved it. Maris you rock! – Jenny Love

Maris, I cant thank you enough for your classes.  They are both beautiful, soothing and uplifting at same time.  You have a wonderful gift- keep it up!  These wrist free classes are brilliant for my strained wrists – thanks again!  Bec (Tasmania, Australia).  Ps.  Oh, and congrats on pregnancy! – Rebecca Lee

thank you  so much for all your “down dog free” videos. I have a lot of issues with my wrists and elbows and these videos that don’t put strain on the arms are of huge benefit to me. – Melanizing

when i broke my wrist i thought i would not be able to practice yoga until i was healed, this video was a blessing for me to be able to continue my practice. thank you! – Terry Leckron

While I was recovering from a recent surgery in my shoulder area I was looking for a yoga flow class I could do without putting pressure on my arms and shoulders when I found your series of classes.  They were perfect for me!  No Downward Dog, Plank or Chaturangas but plenty of poses for strengthening the lower body.  Now I that I have gotten stronger  I’m trying out all of your regular Vinyasa flow videos.  I am enjoying all of them and I’m getting stronger every day!  So I wanted to say thank you for all of your efforts and tell you how well your flow works for me!  Thank you!! – no1pettyfan

this is just what I have been looking for!! as my wrist are overworked as it is I avoid normal yoga for this reason…I work in aged care and have a 1 year old baby so no pressure on hands wrists is perfect  Thank you.. – Amanda Neville

Thank you so much for these “wrist free” yoga practices… I broke my wrist a few months back and was depressed because I thought I wouldn’t be able to keep up my daily yoga practices… then I found your channel and am delighted with your videos. They are just perfect! Namaste. – Shar Pei